Sunday, 31 January 2010

Come Dine With Me is Perfect for a Writing Break!

I love Come Dine with Me, dare I say lurve it! I love cooking and learning about new foods, and recipes, so cooking shows are fun for me. Come Dine with Me is a thing of genius, four/five strangers in an area must take turns cooking dinner for each other. They in turn rate their dinner and the one with the highest score wins the money.

I have found that when my thoughts and writing gets too much for me; it's a perfect break. The narrator/voice over is tres funny. He truly makes the show. I literally just finished watching the Celebrity version, in which Javine was the perfect prey for jokes. She was a bit clueless, bless her.

Nonethelesss I have found that in times when the word juices aren't flowing, it is best to take a step back and just do something completely off topic and CDWM is one such thing. It's humour allows for giggles and relaxation. Then I can go back and do my thing.

Even better, it's on 4oD, so I can watch anytime.

So if anyone's reading this and you're not familiar with it, and live in an area wwhere you can view it- Check it out!

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