Sunday, 31 January 2010

My Flow....Blegh!

Seriously, my flow is turning into a gushing river. I've written loads now looking back the recent stuff is actual shite. I've created some freakish soap, not Eastenders real life but dramary stuff but the epic wtf?ness of Bold & Beautiful.

I can't seem to make it flow like a calm, cool, collected thoughtful river.

...drawing board, I'm coming at ya!

Come Dine With Me is Perfect for a Writing Break!

I love Come Dine with Me, dare I say lurve it! I love cooking and learning about new foods, and recipes, so cooking shows are fun for me. Come Dine with Me is a thing of genius, four/five strangers in an area must take turns cooking dinner for each other. They in turn rate their dinner and the one with the highest score wins the money.

I have found that when my thoughts and writing gets too much for me; it's a perfect break. The narrator/voice over is tres funny. He truly makes the show. I literally just finished watching the Celebrity version, in which Javine was the perfect prey for jokes. She was a bit clueless, bless her.

Nonethelesss I have found that in times when the word juices aren't flowing, it is best to take a step back and just do something completely off topic and CDWM is one such thing. It's humour allows for giggles and relaxation. Then I can go back and do my thing.

Even better, it's on 4oD, so I can watch anytime.

So if anyone's reading this and you're not familiar with it, and live in an area wwhere you can view it- Check it out!

Saturday, 30 January 2010


Seriously, names can't be this difficult to decide. I have some names already but can't seem to make them flow. They just don't go with the story or personalities of the characters.

The only ones I love are the two main characters, my protagonist and villain I suppose, could call her that. I'm gonna do a bit more writing and leave some blank spaces.

This will do me no good in the future, when it comes to naming my own children...I need to get it together!

I just need some regular yet edgy, fun names for late teens/young women...drawing board, I'm coming at ya!


I've been wanting to start blogging, let alone begin my novel in the early half of 2009. I just never got around to it. Back then people's opinions or approval meant more than my own and I was too worried that no one would read it. Now I don't give a damn! I'm writing it to document my journey through writing, research and getting it published. I want to chronicle my frustrations, writer's block and times when things all for into place nicely!

This is one of my resolutions and I intend to complete them all this year. I have never ever managed to successfully change al the things I want to, I was doing them for the wrong reasons. I'm doing it right and will complete them all. So resolution 1 and 2- start blog and write a book. The latter is still a work in progress.

So if you're reading this, stick around, it gets better. If you're not then I'm just gonna carry on doing this for moi.