Saturday, 30 January 2010


I've been wanting to start blogging, let alone begin my novel in the early half of 2009. I just never got around to it. Back then people's opinions or approval meant more than my own and I was too worried that no one would read it. Now I don't give a damn! I'm writing it to document my journey through writing, research and getting it published. I want to chronicle my frustrations, writer's block and times when things all for into place nicely!

This is one of my resolutions and I intend to complete them all this year. I have never ever managed to successfully change al the things I want to, I was doing them for the wrong reasons. I'm doing it right and will complete them all. So resolution 1 and 2- start blog and write a book. The latter is still a work in progress.

So if you're reading this, stick around, it gets better. If you're not then I'm just gonna carry on doing this for moi.


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