Monday, 1 February 2010

My Book has a name!!!

Vegging/ while watching my sister battle through Splinter Cell; I buried my head into my pillow, sighed deeply and there it was!
My little light bulb moment.
To be honest it was more of a neon sign complete with flashing lights and surround sound, operatic angelic music from the heavens moment.

I jumped right up, so much that my sister gave me a 'what the hell?!' look. Laughter followed. I love that sge loves my new title.
It's give me a burst of inspiration. I had to completely scrap the chapters I'd written [a sad moment, quite frankly I was pissed off that this didn't happen before I got stuck into my story],
Alas, c'est la vie and things of that nature.
The new title suits me even better than its predecessor! YaY!

It changes the style of writing- the story is the same but how I'm telling it has changed- excited!!!!

Newly Inspired!!!!

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