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The Cloth of Heaven (Song of Erin #1) by B.J. Hoff- Review

I was given this book from a friend a few years ago. It's been so long that me reviewing it just wouldn't be right. Luckily my little sister (she's only 11 months younger...but younger is younger right?!) read this book a couple of weeks and wanted do a review.
Cloth of Heaven (Song of Erin #1)
Release Date: 1st September, 1999.
Publisher: Tyndale HouseGenre: Fiction
Pages: 382
#1 of the Song of Erin series.

Source: Gift (me), Loaned (to my sis)

Here's my first official guest post; I am willing to overlook the fact that her room is just down the hall ;)
So here she goes:
At first I was reluctant to read it. Sa has been trying to get me to read it a few months now, something about breaking out of my bookish comfort zone and into a new genre. So I did, mostly because I was desperate I had yet to but a new book; funds were low and I've lost my library card :( Turns out it was actually a pretty good book and I'm glad I listened.

It's an emotional and dramatic story set in old Ireland and America. The story is centred around 3 families working to achieve happiness in different ways. Like financially or having a complete, close knit family. It's a marvellous story of unknowingly, intertwining lives on two different continents.
I love the idea of the story and how it is told from different characters' perspective. The characters are colourful yet realistic so I felt connected to them almost instantly. The best two being Jack Kane and Theresa Sheridan. It's not just romance and drama, it's full of excitement, alot of humour and action. 
B.J.'s writing was so clear I felt like I was right there with them in the book. I also like the cover is simplistic and sweet; with a gorgeous green for Ireland. it's just right, not over the top as some book covers can get.

Verdict: It's a book worth the read. It's very good and I want to finish the series. I went through so many motions reading this book to the point, I even felt Irish. I think every historical fiction lover would enjoy this. I'm not an HF fan but I really liked it so, it's really for any book lover.

Cover: Lush
Ooh la la

Back to me now: Considering my sister isn't historical fiction's biggest fan but still thinks this book is lush-worthy, MUST mean it's really worth the read!

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