Friday, 23 April 2010

Filmage Friday # 2

 Filmage Friday is a weekly feature about upcoming films based on books, already released films based on books and books that I think should be turned into films/movies. I will also review both the book and film either before Friday or on long as I've read it!
Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning ThiefI have yet to create a pic or graphic to go with it...ideas are welcomed! This week its Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief. Feel free to check out the book review. I lurved the's a keeper! I decided to read it after watching the film...that way the book would only add to what I saw as film adaptations often subtract bits from books.

Here's the trailer.

I enjoyed this film. I had mixed feelings about watching it and I never read the book and it was sitting there waiting on me to open it as soon the credits rolled. I even assumed it was going to be a Harry Potter wannabe on a slightly lesser budget. We all know what 'they' say about assuming. It's nothing like Harry Potter and while I enjoyed Harry Potter films more (my fave being 3,6 and 7 and 8 not out yet but I've got a feeling)- The Lightning Thief left me pleasantly surprised to the point that I had to read the book.

The problem with the film is the many differences from the book. I know, I know there will always be changes when modifying lit for the big screen but for die hard or regular fans of  the book. This could be a turn off. For newbies to the book series or even those interested purely because of the film would enjoy it. It funny, action packed, cleverly written with great special effects.

It's not a thinking film...either- you can switch off if you want and get taken along for the ride. It being the first sets up the following films nicely. The acting not bad either.

VERDICT: Fun, action-comedy film for the family. No way near as great as the book but still a good, enjoyable watch. Perfect to get away from it all and into some Greek Mythology...the easy way.

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