Saturday, 22 May 2010

Changes, other happenings and new things

Well you may have noticed my blog looks a little different lately. I decided to change it; it's not totally what I want but the thing is I'm not sure what I want or how to eve do that....I probably never will. I'm weird like that. I have some ideas for it but not an overall look. So expect it to change again...SOON. Like in a couple of weeks...I'm getting a custom one...YAY! I figure I better leave it up to the experts. For now this is a little more me-ish! Can't wait till I pimp my hide!

Also it's been four months since I've started blogging and I think 3 since I've gone public...exciting! I've not been on here since Wednesday...I have really bad hay fever; I lurve it when it gets warm, I'm an island chick after all but the pollen index kick my ass everytime; so I've been checking out other blogs and sleeping, of course reading and adding to my music collection...I heart MiniViva.

I have a new feature planned for this blog as well as the revival of my Filmage Friday feature...

Not writing which I should be doing considering I want to get some work published and I'm taking part in the Once Upon a Time Project...another story or rant if you will. I think I spend all my time thinking about what I want to write and never seem to actually write it....for shame! There's a scientific term for that- procrastination...I'm considerably good at that.

The Jeremy - Snaps Of The DragonWhat else has been happening....I'm rereading a book that should have already been reviewed The Jeremy...I've even written the review but I want to make just right because....well when you read the review you'll get why.

That's about it for now. I'm off to post a review not that one above that one will be up tomorrow.
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Anonymous said...

I love your new blog look! And I certainly don't mind if you keep changing it, I do that all the time with my blog. Keeps things interesting I say!

Sa Toya said...

Does this mean you're back?! Is your manuscript all done now???!!!

Excited I am!!!

Cheers for commenting...this layout is still being mended. I do lurve keeping things interesting and mixing things up a little.

Spellboundbybooks Melissa said...

Great new blog look. Its no good to hear that you've been sick so I hope you feel better soon!

Look forward to reading some of your writing. I'm sure it will be great!

Sa Toya said...

Cheers Melissa. I hope I feel better soon too.

Cheers again for the vote of confidence :D

Anonymous said...

Ah no, I haven't finished my MS yet :(

No excuses for getting back online either.

Except, I'm not on it as much ;)