Monday, 28 June 2010

Does Blogging and Work Mix?!

Just to say a little Helllo and that I am in fact still around, merely working most of the day so I'm forced to either blog during my lunch break or when I'm crazily tired at night.
For those blogs that I follow, I am still following an checking up even if I do't always feel I have enough Time to comment...TRUST ME, I'M STILL READING YOUR POSTS.
SO TO ANY WORKING BLOGGERS OUT THERE...HOW DO YOU DO IT? I'm finding it difficult to finish books in the time I want and blog at the same time and source new material, network, blog hop etc. etc. etc. all because I leave home at 7:45 and get in by 6 sometimes 7; traffic willing.
Maybe I should quit while I keep my blogging ahead?! Well no I do need the job for my CV and the money for...well me.
I'm off now, Hope to sort my life out soon

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1 comment:

Spellboundbybooks Melissa said...

It's hard I'll admit it. Between working, raising the little one, spending time with my loved ones it doesn't leave very much time for reading or writing for that matter, let alone Blogging. I know others are in the same boat too but I guess the fact that I enjoy sharing what I read and finding out what others think is pretty rewarding in itself!
Give yourself some time to sort out work and blogging! Your not a miracle worker!! :) We'll be waiting for you :D