Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Review: This is How it Happened by Jo Barrett

While trawling through my local libe, the cover of this book caught my eye and I decided to borrow it. It helps when it's stashed in the QUICK PICK section too. Surprise, surprise...is what I got when reading it.

Madeline Piatro has suffered serious heartbreak. Her ex, Carlton, has not only broken her heart but her spirit too. She now lives life as one 'hott mess'. Her friends and brother are around whenever she needs them but they all want her to simply get over and move on. Maddy simply can't. This man took all she dreamed and worked hard for. He made sure she suffered.

Alone in her home, one she shared with her Carlton, she's left to ponder the failings of their relationship and decides aptly on revenge. She has plans to hit him where it hurts...no not there- his EGO. After all 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.' However hiring a real- life hit man probably was the best idea...things are about to get interesting.

It did get interesting...very interesting. This is one of my favourite books now. Absolutely brilliant. It is a complete page turner. Barrett's writing style coupled with her great sense of humour and comedic timing makes for a Chick Lit stunner!

She had me right where she wanted me. I loved being there. I felt Maddie's pain and joy. I even hated Carlton just as much as she did and had my hand up to help her exact her revenge. That's how real the author made her characters. I felt like I was reading someone's journal or listening to the horrid times and revenge seeking plans of a close friend.

This book also teaches us women to have our heads on as it's easy to get caught up in covertly poisonous relationships where it seems all roses because we're blinded by the good looks, hot bod and all the attention. Bad eggs have a habit of looking the prettiest in the basket. I know it's not a biography but what I know from friends of mine and life in general, some things in this book does in fact happen.

Right Public service moment over! Back to my actual review. Negatives? To be frank, there weren't any; not from where I was sat reading. I went on Maddie's crazy ride, enjoyed her highs, lows, need for a make over, mind blowing animalistic sex, confusion, sadness, hurt, disappointment, gut wrenching pain, joy...you name it. I was there!

This book is one for the ladies, not that it's strictly females only. Though, I can't see many men wanting to read about an absolute prick and the woman who is picking up the pieces of what's left of her life (that he almost destroyed) and her journey to kicking his butt.

I did though :D This review is short because there's not much more to say. I read. It was AMAZING. Now it's your turn.

Verdict: I lurved this book and I lurve Jo Barrett. Her writing style is vivaciously vivid and each character leaps off the page. I will be getting her other book! The fact that was absolutely gutted when I came to the final full stop says it all. This is one for film adaptation too- yep I think it can easily find it's place in Movieland. I'd recommend to any chick lit lover, and especially to any girl/woman who's been burnt recently or otherwise by a dog of a man.

Just so you know this book is one for the more mature reader.

This is How it Happened (not a love story)
Jo Barrett
Release Date: Feb 2008
312 pages, Paperback
I borrowed this...currently buying a copy, I enjoyed it that much!

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Claire xx said...

Oooohhh - I like the sound of this one!! Will definately look out for it. Thank you!!

Steph said...

excellent review I will add it to the TBR, hmmmmm


Sa Toya said...

Cheers guys..you should really check it out, one of my faves so far!