Saturday, 28 August 2010

Dusk till Dawn: My own Personal Challenge

The ever busy and ever impressive Jenn @ Book Crazy is having a night time read-a-thon Called From Dusk till Dawn. I've been pretty bad at it, since it started on he 25th because I wake up t 6:30 every morning for work. Last night I was read Phillippa Gregory's books The White Queen and The Red Queen, the latter being released a couple of weeks ago. I haven't made much headway though, as I fell asleep while reading...resulting in a bit of a sore neck today.

Nina Jones and the Temple of Gloom (Little Black Dress)Tonight I thought I should try a new book and attempt to finish it or read 3/4 of it tonight! That's the challenge I've set myself and I hope I can really get it together!
The book I'm talking about is Nina Jones and the Temple of Gloom by Julie Cohen.

I also hope to take part in the challenges and keep in touch with the other night reader on Twitter tonight. Right now it's all about Formula 1 and Arsenal at the moment. Yep I'm off to watch some Sports.
Till then...
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Danielle said...

Well, good luck! I don't think I could stay up all night either. lol

Sa Toya said...

Lol...I'll need the luck,trust me!

Cheers for stopping by1