Sunday, 14 February 2010

Chinese New Year vs. V Day

I'm ignoring that today is Valentine's ...if you feel the need to gush about, do it somewhere else. I will instead show some love for the Chinese New Year- year of the tiger and I'm a Tiger baby!

So Tiger year is meant to have some discrepancies, hiccups here and there...a new year is a new year is a new year, and we should all be happy for it. Plus those like myself not versed in Chinese celebrations, we have a new, New Year so we can start all those newly failed resolutions again...Phew!

So hearts, chocolates, flowers, cards, fireworks, presents...all in all today will be a good day...which ever you choose to acknowledged ***cough screw valentine's Day cough***. I should take a writer's break but I really need to make some headway in my booky wook.

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