Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Don't Judge a Book by its Movie Unless..

It's Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog. Yes it's my first official review. One of the films that to me was 'spot on' with the book. It totally conveyed the emotions and message of the book and is worth a watch. However this isn't about the's about the book.
I am aware this is a bit old and a fair few people may have seen the film and read the book but it came up in conversation recently; a friend bought the film on DVD but had no idea that it was initially a book, let alone a newspaper column. I was shocked and appalled but hey! she's not an avid reader so I can't really complain.
She wondered if I'd recommend it and yes...YES! I do!
Author: Josh Grogan
Publication Date: 29 June, 2006.
ARC: 304 pages.
Genre: Autobiographical
Synopsis: the book portrays the makings of the Grogan family and their amazing, neurotic dog, Marley and the many adventures they had during the thirteen years that they lived with him. It documents the many lessons they learn along the way, which they wouldn't have without the existence of  Marley in their home.
My Review
This is more than just a book about a dog. Trust me even if you can't stand the four legged best friends of men it will still be a joy to read. It is a well written book that not only ensures you fall in love with the Grogan family and their pesky pet, it equally breaks your heart. Like a fatal attraction.
There are some parts that are run of the mill for any dog owner as such can be mundane, not to mention that sometimes Josh and Jenny come across fairly moronic in the things they do; but it is so funny and packed with emotion those parts are forgiveable. 
The Grogans had no idea what they were getting into but then again, crazy slightly neurotic dogs can be expected from backyard breeders :) It focuses more on life going on around and involving the dog than the actual life of the dog. A dog's life span is so short that all you can do is love them 'till they gone...they tend to love and trust you all the same.
Great for any sex but a real tear jerker for the ladies. It is definitely worth the read. For me it's one of those books you just want to curl up with some goodies- a weekend break type of book.
I recently lost my dog , a couple of weeks ago. I didn't cry my eyes out, because I knew it was coming and prepared myself fully. She was almost 15 when she died...she just fell asleep. Even though this event happened a long time after I read this book, it poses the same sentiment all dog owners go through.
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