Saturday, 6 March 2010

My Wish List ♥1

This list refers to all the things I really want that relates to my blog, reading and writing.

First off is once I could afford it...I'd change up my blog's appearance. It was a battle between some of the designers I've researched but I totally have it down to numero uno Parajunkee. I want her to pimp my hide. So as soon as I've got enough paper...I'll be on her like ants at a picnic. Her designs are AMAZING!!!

Books I really want: Dancing Shoes by Noel Streatfeild . When I was younger I received both books Ballet Shoes and Theatre Shoes both on separate occasions but both were Christmas pressies. The older I got the sooner I forgot that there was a third to the series... Dancing Shoes. I just remembered it, randomly this morning and feel I owe to myself, childhood and Noel to complete the series....which means I need not only this book but all the others that follow.

The Jeremy- Snaps of The Dragon by Jo S. Wun. Published on December 11th 2009; it's still relatively new and I really WANT to READ it! It's a coming of age story...that's totally out of the box.

I'd like to finish the chapter I'm currently writing... yes I know this has very little to do with wishing and I could do it I'm wishing I could find the time to get it done or be able to make time.....
I'm off to finish read my book.

Sa Toya ~~

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