Thursday, 4 March 2010

Sweet Lies by Lauren Conrad

Sweet Little Lies
Release Date: February 2nd 2010
Pages: 304
Publisher: Harper Collins


It simply picks up there the first one finishes OK this one was a little better than its predecessor.

I'm assuming she went to some classes or got some tips. The problem is it's no serious improvement. To be honest I wasn't going to bother but I wanted to gauge her growth as a writer; again there's potential but for a book on the NY Times Best Sellers List one expects more....ALOT MORE! I also wanted to know what would happen next...guess I'm a sucker for drama. I was disappointed but it is much better than the first.

I also lurve the cover. I think it has a tone sarcasm with all it's lovely sweetheart messages, while the book's called Sweet Lies OR they could all just belies...either way; I enjoy!

It will not change the literary world. It won't light the fires of your reader's libido but it will give you something to do in the hours of boredom or a weekend where you're separating yourself from the world or even better some lit for a day at the beach.

So for a self indulgent no brainer get fits the bill...just!

Sa Toya ~

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Katie said...

So funny! I was just talking about how I had been making fun of LA Candy, but then I read it and got totally hooked. This summer I want to read Sweet Little Lies :)