Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Too many eggs and not Enough Baskets!

Reading while blogging and blogging while writing....I thought women were meant to be amazing multi-taskers, right now it's not amounted to much. I want to do them all and I'm determined to make it work...not to mention I'm on a serious job hunt so I can score my graduate self a first time real job.
I've really missed getting tucked into a good book. You'd be surprised how much a law degree keeps you from books other than those of a legal nature not to mention the irrational number of cases one's expected to read. So falling back into lit was very much welcomed by me.
I just really need to sort out my time management. I also need to get back to my novel in the making. The trouble is I've got 3 books in my head and totally not sure which to write first or if anyone's even interested in reading the shizz I write.
I'm also totally into this blog/book reviewing melarchy more than I's good...I never expected the book reviewing blogosphere to be so extensive...I'm glad! No one wants to be alone and knowing there are those just as litty or into reading as I am is all the better :)

Off to acquire more baskets...

Sa Toya ~~

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