Thursday, 22 April 2010

Booking Through Thursday #2

A weekly meme where you simply go to Booking Through Thursday, and make a post answering the question.
This week on BTT:
It’s Earth Day … what are you reading? Are your reading habits changing for the sake of the environment? What are you doing for the sake of the planet today?

I am reading This Is How It Happened (not a love story) by Jo Barrett, and so far...I'll just say I'm lurving it! I have an official 'book bag' bag that I take to and from book shopping, so I don't use the plastic bags the give. I can't find my USB cord atm so when I do I'll upload a pic. It's a canvas bag.
We are also 'serious' recyclers. We shred all our paper to make full use of the recycling bins. We also use energy saving lightbulbs. Something that really helps, according this show I watched on switching all/most appliances off when going to bed....not just leaving them on standby. Like here in the UK sockets come with an on/off button...switching it off stops the flow.

Happy Earth the earth and to everyone! x


jlshall said...

I've always wondered why we don't have those on/off switches on outlets here in the US - they're so practical.
Have a great Earth Day (and Happy Reading)!

pussreboots said...

If the wiring in my house weren't so iffy, I'd install off switches at the outlets. I do turn things off at the power strips but not everything is plugged in that way. That's a great innovation. My BTT is here