Thursday, 22 April 2010

Seers of Light: What Light Means to ME

Seers of LightThe lovely Book Crazy Jenn is having a giveaway. The book-Seers of Light by Jennifer DeLucy. I already love the cover and the synopsis is one that screams "Come get me and read me!"Jenn wants to know...What does light mean to me?
I'm going to type what I think as I think it!
Light is a form of measurement...passage in time and distance; often used when planets are involved. Light is the ease in which we can do something..anything. Light is the illumination of darkness.Light is the crack of dawn, where the sun's trying to act all shy even though she knows and we know she'll be up for all to see. Light is colour. Colours that fill the sky when the sun's about to sleep. Light's a sliver of a thing in dusk...twilight. Where the sky becomes ;concoction;of every shade of blue.

Light is everything good in the world. Light is love, joy, happiness, peace. Light is when someone, whether you know them or not crack you a smile and you smile back. Light is the feeling you get when someone you love gives you a hug. Light is faith. Light is God for those who believe. Light is a noun, an adjective, a verb, a feeling. Light...the first time I say my baby bro, tiny little thing in a onesie. Light is knowing my sister will always have my back even when we fight. Light is my family. When we all get together and Scrabble or any board game till the morning or chat till our throats are sore.

Light is me. I am a form of are a form of light. We each have a light within us. Some stifle there's because of fear, darkness. Light is a load that was once heavy.Light is freedom...all that is free; all who longs to be free. All who fights for freedom. Light is hope, that when all around only darkness can be seen one day a spark with light illuminate. Because light is is whatever we want it to be.

I'll stop now...I've carried on a bit there...indulging my brain and emotions. I have a few pictures showing light but here are a few taken weeks ago, when the sun was setting early. The trees have such an unusual look I decided to take some pics.

I love how the light accentuates the trees unique and unusual features by creating a silhouette.


Book Crazy Jenn said...

WOW this is beautiful - REALLY beautiful!

Sa Toya said...

Thanks...I'm blushing!