Sunday, 4 April 2010

Mail on Sunday ♥ 3

Well, well it's been some time hasn't it...more on that later. Now to the matter at hand- what's cracking in my lit life.
This meme is hosted by Kristi, the Story Siren and concerns all the new books that have entered into or worlds. I've had a pretty good week. So what's in my mailbox?

I have rekindled my love of historical fiction and have gotten a book in that genre. The Rossetti Letter by Christi Phillips. This was borrowed. Yep made a trip to my libe [library :)] I'm currently reading this one.
Fudoki by Kij Johnson. I borrowed this one because the cover caught my eye. Its and I'm excited to get into it but a bit apprehensive I'm usually swayed by covers and never base all my reasoning for reading one by it...oh well!

Lastly it's a bit of J.R.R. Tolkein and his Middle Earth books. I've read The Fellowship of the Ring but was 13 and didn't really get it. Besides the films were released then and I lurve them...even got the extended editions...AWESOMENATION. I digress. I want to read them all now, considering I'm no longer young and stupid he he he. So I got the lot. Well I didn't mommy did and yep she did that thing again. She heard my lit thoughts and got me them. Well I may have hinted a little :D

Yep that's it kids (I call my fiends that a fair amount; so no offence intended and all that jazz). Now hopefully I can finally get some daily postage going...fingers and toes crossed!

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ck.twilighter said...

Great looking reads!!=)