Monday, 5 April 2010

Yep it's a small rant. I want to let out some MAJOR steam. So I got ill, started getting better then LOST THE INTERNET. Yep it ran away. I may have been treating it poorly, taking it for granted so it went to remind me of my love for it. Why won't my lib let me blog on their features! that annoyed me. I've missed my bloggy blog.

So for anyone who's noticed my lack of posts...blame it on the net. Got it back today...Easter miracle so I'm posting :) I got to thinking have I become too dependent on this thing! Perhaps. I know when to stop though or is that what all addicts say. Or does me using the word addicts make me one?!

I'll take this as my cue to stop before I waffle off into nonsensical land though I think I'm halfway there now.

On second thought this isn't much of a rant is it...more along the introspective epiphany types of thing-a-majiggy's that happen now and then.
Well I've got me some internet so I'm back lit bitches :)

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